Project Arizona 2023 Report – Liberty International

Project Arizona 2023 was an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for students, faculty, and organizers alike. The program equipped students with knowledge, ideas, and a network to advance their careers while championing freedom, openness, and entrepreneurship in their respective countries. Participants were immersed in Arizona’s diverse and vibrant culture, gaining insights into the U.S. liberty movement. The program facilitated meaningful friendships and collaborations among students and liberty advocates, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Liberty International extends its heartfelt thanks to all contributors, supporters, and partners who made Project Arizona 2023 possible. The program’s success hinged on their generous donations, sponsorships, and assistance. Liberty International also expresses gratitude to the students for their enthusiasm, dedication, and passion, which added significant meaning to the program.

As Liberty International gears up for Project Arizona 2024, the focus is on educating and empowering more young leaders globally, passionate about advancing freedom, openness, and entrepreneurship in their countries. Consider contributing to Project Arizona .

Liberty International looks forward to seeing you at Project Arizona 2024. Stay connected through our social media channels and website for the upcoming announcement regarding Project 2024. 

Viva La Libertad Carajo! 

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