My Project Arizona Story: Maria Lobo

Our diverse cohort of seven participants hailed from different corners of the globe, representing Japan, India, the Republic of Georgia, Spain, Poland, and myself from Argentina, proudly representing Latin America. The cultural exchange and varied perspectives added a unique dimension to the overall learning experience.

Aside from the formal classes, I also embraced the challenge of leading a seminar on liberal economics. This opportunity allowed me to share my knowledge of economics with my peers, engaging in discussions about influential authors such as Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, and Salai Martin. The discussions extended beyond theory, providing a platform to analyze real-world economic indicators in our respective countries, such as inflation, rule of law, and poverty.

While the classes provided a structured academic framework, a significant portion of the seminar focused on connecting with individuals actively involved in promoting liberal ideals and social change. We had the privilege of meeting with legal professionals like Marc Victor, the founder of the Live and Let Live Movement. Our visit to the Goldwater Institute showcased the impactful work they do in supporting individuals who face challenges to their rights, creating substantial positive changes in their lives.

The program also facilitated discussions with Arizona TALKS, where we engaged with Carlos Alfaro, and meetings with the Rotary Club of Phoenix. The Johnson family played a pivotal role in our journey, offering support and insights into the work of the Acton Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to promoting the values of freedom, life purpose, vocation, and spirituality.

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