Tsehay Getu, Sweden and Ethiopia

Tsehay Getu is a passionate chef who has a platform called Tsehay’s Kitchen where she shares her love for food and culture.

In this episode of the Power of Stories Podcast, Tsehay Getu discusses

how, in her childhood, her parents stressed the importance of education for her and her brothers.

moving from Ethiopia to Sweden at a young age.

the challenges of going through a divorce, being a single mom, and moving to the U.S.

feeling alone and moving on with her life by not giving up during challenging times.

starting to cook, learning over time, and falling in love with food, her playground, her “happy place”.

overcoming gender biases in the food industry.

her first post on Instagram, 11 years ago, showing videos about the food she loves.

the importance of love and of not taking things for granted.

and the importance of loving ourselves, and of listening, having more compassion, and supporting each other.

The Power of Stories Podcast by SayItForward.org is a podcast BY women, ABOUT women, and FOR women! 

Listen to previous episodes with women from around the world here. SayItForward.org is the storytelling platform for women and girls to share their experiences, and to read about the experiences of others. The site is full of inspiring stories submitted by people from around the world. 

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