Resources for Reporting Pesticide Incidents

 California Department of Pesticide Regulation sent this bulletin at 01/31/2024 12:31 PM PST

See these and other useful resources to find out what steps to take to report a pesticide-related incident, illness, or concern. 

Contact your County Agricultural Commissioner

Other resources

We also encourage you to explore other avenues for reporting
pesticide incidents.

Who We Are

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation protects human health and the environment by fostering safer and sustainable pest management practices and operating a robust regulatory system to monitor and manage the sale and use of pesticides across the state. DPR’s work includes registering all pesticides sold or used in California, conducting scientific evaluation of pesticides to assess and mitigate potential harm to human health or the environment, investing in innovative research to encourage the development and adoption of integrated pest management tools and practices, monitoring for pesticides in the air and water, conducting outreach to ensure pesticide workers, farmworkers and local communities have access to safety information, and enforcing pesticide regulations in coordination with 55 County Agricultural Commissioners and their 500 field inspectors.

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