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  1. Leila

    I first saw this Dutch film on SBS TV in Australia and enjoyed it so i bought it from Amazon. It is a great story with a twist at the end that is unexpected. Set during the Occupation of Holland in WW2 by the Germans obviously. This story is told through the eyes of a teenager who witnessed and was courageous in how far he went to save a Allied soldier. The shock at the end was unexpected and you can never know just who the callaborators are. For me it was a both a surprise and betrayal. There is much courage and i believe it may have been based on a true story. I always wonder if after the war the Allied soldier ever went back to thank that family. Having said that we do not know if any of them survived WW2. A great story well worth watching if you enjoy true stories about WW2.

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  2. Parent of Teens

    We saw this film at the Sprockets Children’s Film Festival in Toronto. It was a field trip with our grade 7 students. The children and adults were so engrossed with this true story film you could have heard a pin drop. The story hit you on many different levels….we discussed it with the students all the way back to school.The story, set in a school and village, deals with the use of power for bad and discovering you individual power for good. It is set in the 60’s when the way we looked at who was in power and why they had all the power was being challenged. Deals with issues such as bullying, trust, loyalty.

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  3. Peter

    We greatly enjoyed watching this powerful video and will return to it again in the future.

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  4. MrTAD

    GREAT MOVIE. I wish the movie was available as a “legitimate” retail DVD instead of a DVD rip from a digital file. The description clearly states that the DVD is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media, so I wasn’t expecting much. For some reason though, my “not expecting much” must have been too high a standard. Maybe $6.99 would have been a more realistic price point.Having griped about the packaging I have to say that this movie is excellent! Other reviewers have given nice capsule summaries of the movie, so I’ll skip that. Instead I want to mention another aspect of this film (which is something I’ve noticed in many of the foreign films that I’ve watched recently) — the performances of the cast seem to be much more realistic then most american films. The child actors are close to their character ages and the acting/performances are really believable. In Drommen, Janus Rathke and Sarah Werner give outstanding performances!

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  5. A. Jevons

    A fantastic film concerning a very disturbing subject, especially when based on true events! Superbly acted by the leading young man, wonderful!

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  6. nathaniel black


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  7. Tommy Dooley

    Set in Denmark in 1969 we are introduced to a young boy, Frits, who has been inspired by the words of Martin Luther-King. His father has had some sort of breakdown and he lives on a farm with his mother who also doubles as the school nurse.The Headmaster is one of the old school (quite literally) and believes that if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Or more simply he is just a control freak bully. Frits gets more than his fair share of the rod and decides that all injustice must be stood up to. We also have the political machinations of a small town community, other children being bullies and a new uber cool music teacher – with long hair! The scene is soon set for a show down, but the journey to that will not be easy for all those involved.This is based on facts and is a great time capsule for the era. I remember bullying teachers and corporeal punishment and those memories always stay with you. That Frits took inspiration from a civil rights leader – who spoke English – is a testament to Martin Luther- King’s marvellous appeal. The film is just excellent with great performances from everyone and this includes a very young cast indeed. It is emotional and it will make you think. I absolutely enjoyed watching this it is in Danish with a smattering of English – absolutely recommended

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    Le discours de Martin Luther King ( I had a dream) inspire dans les années 1960 un jeune danois (exceptionnel BENT MEJDING) dans cette société danoise et dans son école où il étouffe dans cet atmosphère étriquée face à un directeur d’école sadique et plus encore. En révolte contre toute forme de contrainte, il saura atteindre le degré de liberté auquel il aspire (L’affiche du film est magnifique) . C’est le type de cinéma scandinave que l’on aime ( voir également les films de BILLE AUGUST, mais à sa période européenne c’est à dire ZAPPA – TWIST AND SHOUT- PELLE LE CONQUERANT ) . Un film magnifique qui respire l’ivresse de la liberté. Cependant, il n’y a pas de sous titres en français donc, une certaine maitrise de l’anglais est nécessaire.

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  9. Michael France

    What a good film

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  10. Phil Yew.

    A very touching film which shows how far we have come in trying to deal with completely over the top bullying and corporal punishment in schools. This was a true story and the bravery of one little boy who despite almost having an ear torn off by a brute of a headmaster had the courage to fight for what is right. The refusal of both the School Governors and the Police to take any action was not only a disgrace, it was all too common.The mass joy shown by the entire schools pupils when told the Headmaster had died from the Heart Attack he suffered while beating young Frits again, showed the Staff and Governors just how wrong the Adults were in their belief in the Headmaster.The brute was not only a vicious bully but also a dinosaur. Corporal Punishment of this type had been outlawed in Denmark the previous year but he simply knew only one way… The wrong way.Remember- This was True !!!The brilliant young actor who played Frits did a fantastic job. This is a shocking but excellent film.

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