The Healthy Workplace Nudge: How Healthy People, Culture, and Buildings Lead to High Performance

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Uncover how wholesome buildings, tradition, and folks result in excessive income

Organizations and workers now spend a mean of $18,000 per yr per worker for well being prices, a 61% improve in 10 years. Each indicator tasks these prices will double earlier than 2030. That is an unsustainable path. These prices are the tip to an excellent larger iceberg, the hidden prices of trip of the workplace, distraction, disengagement, and turnover. The Wholesome Office Nudge explains the findings of analysis on 100 massive organizations which have tackled the issues of worker well being prices and disengagement in 5 contemporary methods:

  1. Nicely-being results in well being and excessive efficiency
  2. Get up to the truth that 95% of conventional wellness packages fail to enhance well being or decrease prices
  3. Behavioral economics has turn out to be a brand new highly effective instrument to nudge wholesome habits
  4. Wholesome buildings are actually value efficient and produce your strongest ROI to enhancing well being
  5. Leaders who develop wholesome cultures obtain sustainable excessive efficiency and worker wellbeing

Along with proving extremely efficient, these approaches characterize a fraction of the price sunk into conventional wellness and engagement packages. The e book explains easy methods to create a office that’s good for folks, releases them to what they do greatest and luxuriate in most, and produces nice and worthwhile work.

• Discover actionable methods and techniques you possibly can put into use right now

• Retain completely satisfied, productive expertise

• Minimize pointless spending and increase your backside line

• Profit from real-world analysis and confirmed apply

For those who’re a frontrunner who cares in regards to the well being and happiness of your workers, a human useful resource skilled, or knowledgeable who develops, designs, builds, or outfits office environments to enhance worker well being and wellbeing, that is one e book you’ll wish to have readily available.

Specification: The Healthy Workplace Nudge: How Healthy People, Culture, and Buildings Lead to High Performance




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  1. Al Lewis

    What makes this book the best wellness book ever (including my own, except that mine are funnier) is that the author came into this field with an open mind, which at first got filled with wellness industry propaganda about great savings and how much employees love wellness. He then actually engaged in critical thinking — a skill in short supply among some corporations’ wellness departments — and realized the entire wellness industry economic value proposition was essentially fabricated. He takes us through his discovery process, step by step, with illustrations and lot of case studies and interviews. He even got the leading promoter of behavior change programs to admit that it is “very very very very hard” to change behavior.But instead of simply ranting against conventional “pry, poke and prod” wellness programs, he has researched and presented some, um, very very very very compelling alternatives. Specifically, his insights into the built environment, where we spend 90% of our time, are worth the price all by themselves. He works out some arithmetic showing how addressing the built environment and other semi-passive steps (“nudges”) to improve health and productivity are much less expensive, more effective, and more popular amongst employees than sending them to be pried, poked and prodded by an unlicensed, unregulated, and often unscrupulous wellness vendor.Hopefully this book is the end of “pry poke and prod” programs, but probably not. Wellness promoters are remarkably effective at suppressing facts — including disinviting the author from presenting at one of their conferences when they realized he might tell the truth.

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  2. Kyle J. Majchrowski

    Rex has taken something that seems to be really complex and made it simple. This enjoyable book tackles the roots of our struggles in the workplace, which millions of people can relate to. He provides solid stories and examples of today’s reality, then clearly lays out the path forward. Rex and his team have explored the idea of wellness in a comprehensive way – this is a work that will make you think and then act.

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  3. Stephen B. Lafferty

    Once again Rex Miller open our eyes to the truth. He exposes the true motivations and lack of success that are the norm for corporate Wellness programs. He also shows what does work and what is effective in creating a truly healthy workplace. Backed by solid research and statistical information, Rex delivers another thesis that will affect changes in the business environment.

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  4. Cristopher Gorthy

    This book will change how you think about your work space, your home, your understanding of the healthcare system! It will scare you, it will nourish your soul, and will provide a foundation to do something different. Together we can change the world.Anyone involved in commercial real estate (architects, engineers, developers, human resources, facilities, cap x managers) should read this book, and prepare for the next evolution of our business.

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  5. Marta

    Interessante, utile e pieno di consigli.Non semplice, spesso ci sono giochi di parole e se non si conosce la lingua inglese piuttosto bene ci si perde

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  6. Tom E

    Rex Miller’s new book, “The Healthy Workplace NUDGE”, is excellent. He covers difficult health issues with facts, references, and balance. I recommend this book strongly to those who have an interest in how workplaces can improve or harm worker health.

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  7. Kyle V. Davy

    Whether you are a wellness novice just learning your way into the topic or a seasoned leader trying to figure out what to do with an established wellness program that just isn’t delivering the goods, this book is a must read. Both types of learners will find much to take away from this deep dive into workplace well-being and high performance.Leaders will find new ways to frame the challenge of steadily rising health care costs, ammunition to debunk many of the half-truths and dangerous myths that dominate the current wellness industry, a whole new approach focusing on well-being and happiness – not wellness, and a set of “nudges” that can really make a difference.Rex, his co-authors, and the Mindshift team fill the pages with a remarkable cast of outside-the-box thought leaders, organizational exemplars, and personal experiences that paint a rich picture of the possibilities for shifting both your organizational culture and individual behavior toward health and high performance.

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  8. Chuck E.

    Rex Miller’s latest book The Healthy Workplace: Nudge is another hit in his series of investigations of critical issues in today’s society. I can only say, as an author myself, that this is a book that I wish I had written. Five stars.Anyone who was following healthcare in the United States, and the emerging wellness industry in particular, needs to read this book, now! It is by far the most comprehensive, complete and up-to-date review of what’s going on in this vital industry.The two-year research project that proceeded writing of this book is an absolute game changer in my opinion. I think we will look back in a couple years at the publication of this book and mark it is a hallmark of a significant start in a transformation to life affirming policies as opposed to those that are only motivated by a narrow profit perspective.I especially like the latter chapters in which Rex points out some case studies of reality that things can be different if they are led by courageous leaders. This is a roadmap for all of us who are interested and involved in this area. The statistics, the facts, the figures, the testimonies that Rex has pulled together here are indisputable. They present a solid business case for doing things differently.And as you can read between the lines, the subtle point is made time and time again that is not enough merely to present people with a set of statistics that describes their physical health. No, much beyond that we need to be looking at the larger issues of the person’s social psychology and the purpose that drives them in their everyday endeavors. We, leaders of business, need to do much more. We need to be providing guidance, advice, and yes, even perhaps some wisdom that can help people make intelligent choices and “nudge them” in the direction of well-being and happiness.

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    The Healthy Workplace Nudge: How Healthy People, Culture, and Buildings Lead to High Performance
    The Healthy Workplace Nudge: How Healthy People, Culture, and Buildings Lead to High Performance


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