Pennsylvania Shelter Finally Empties Kennels For The First Time Ever

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The furry residents of the SPCA shelter in Adams County, Pennsylvania, received an early Christmas gift as, by the Saturday just two days prior to Christmas, each and every one of them had been adopted into loving homes. This marked a significant and heartwarming milestone for the shelter, as it witnessed the kennels being empty on Christmas Day for the first time in its 47-year history of operations.

The dedicated staff, who had tirelessly worked towards finding suitable homes for these animals, were overjoyed to see the positive outcome. However, a stray cat, perhaps sensing the festive atmosphere, arrived on Saturday night after the celebratory photograph had been taken. Despite this unexpected addition, the overall success in rehoming the animals brought a sense of fulfillment and holiday cheer to the shelter, creating a memorable and heartening Christmas for both the adopted pets and their new owners.

“To say that we are beyond excited is an understatement! The staff and volunteers have worked VERY hard to take care of the animals in our care and to make sure they got adopted to the right home,” the team announced on Facebook.

“This year we have adopted out 598 animals and reunited 125 strays with their owners!”

This victory extends above and beyond the joy experienced by the fortunate dogs and cats that found loving homes during Christmas. It also signifies a positive impact on the broader canine and feline community, as the Adams County SPCA steps in to relieve overcrowded shelters and kennels in the region. By doing so, the organization significantly enhances the prospects of every paw in need, ensuring a greater likelihood of finding a new and caring home.

“We will be pulling animals from other shelters in PA next week in hopes of relieving some of their stress,” the Adams County SPCA said in further on that same post made. “Right now, we are going to enjoy this accomplishment! Merry Christmas!”


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