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Above, on the right, you can see Impact Fund’s new templates for class action notices alongside another, on the left, commonly used class notice template currently available.

To create our new templates, we used Impact Fund’s expertise in class action litigation, and collaborated with judges, graphic designers, and plain language experts.

Our new templates prioritize visual clarity, using large fonts, bright colors, and informational diagrams to present information in a way that caters to all types of learners. We’ve also ensured our templates are accessible, so that people with visual impairments can more easily understand their legal rights in class actions.


The Notice Project embodies our dedication to advancing social justice by addressing the problem of class notices that frustrate readers. By helping lawyers draft class notices that better inform and catch the eye of class members, we can make it easier for people to understand their legal rights, participate in class action lawsuits, and receive the benefits they deserve.

The Notice Project is more than a set of tools; it is a testament to our belief that clear legal information should be within reach for everyone affected by a class action.

We look forward to working with like-minded advocates towards ensuring that justice is served in a way that is simpler, clearer, more effective, and accessible. That means more access to justice for you, and a less stressful way to claim what’s rightfully yours.

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