Julia Lynch: Feminism, Decolonization and Girls’ Leadership

Julia Lynch is the Founder and CEO of Global Girl Project.

Julia is the innovative developer of the organization’s programming and she works in partnership with NGOs and schools globally to implement and run leadership programs and initiatives for girls.

Over the past twenty years, Julia Lynch has worked as a Community Social Worker and Therapist in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States. She has also spent extensive time working throughout many countries in the global majority – also known as the global south.

Julia is an inspirational speaker for businesses and organizations about how to be a changemaker in one’s own life, world and work.

“The purpose is in how we show up, not just for ourselves, but for everybody.”

– Julia Lynch

In this episode, we speak about her work with Global Girl Project and about what decolonization and intersectionality in global work really looks like. Julia Lynch shares her own perspectives on navigating changemaking work, self care and more. 

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