Ivette Cano is SFL Alum of the Year 2023

Ivette Cano was honored with the prestigious Students For Liberty Alumnus of the Year 2023 award at LibertyCon International in Washington, D.C. Her outstanding work, leadership, and contributions towards advancing the ideas of liberty were acknowledged.

Ivette Cano is the Chief Executive Officer of Adrianople Group, a business intelligence firm specializing in Special Economic Zones. Adrianople Group has curated the largest-ever dataset on SEZs. This dataset is now utilized by UNIDO, the U.S. Air Force, leading universities, international banks, and global management consulting firms.

She previously served as a Local Coordinator with Students For Liberty in San Pedro Sula where she played an important role in advocating for liberty in her community.

Ivette Cano’s journey from being a local coordinator with SFL to spearheading a top company like Adrianople Group exemplifies the impact that SFL alumni can have on shaping global conversations and influencing policies. The recognition at LibertyCon International reflects not only Ivette’s success but also the broader impact of the Students For Liberty alumni community in advancing the principles of liberty.

The award ceremony was a highlight during the LibertyCon International, which has been the largest international gathering for liberty lovers, running for over a decade. This year, LibertyCon International attracted participants from over 60 countries. 

Alumni For Liberty takes pride in celebrating the success of its accomplished alumni on a global stage.

Alumni For Liberty is Students For Liberty’s alumni network. Stay connected with the alumni community online via the alumni media channels @AFLiberty_ on Twitter, @AFLiberty on Instagram, and Alumni For Liberty on LinkedIn and Facebook or meet with fellow alums in person by organizing a roundtable event.

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