How Difficult Is It For People With Chronic Conditions To Get Social Security Disability Benefits In Florida?

Chronic health conditions take a heavy toll on your life. When it interferes with your ability to work, Social Security disability benefits can provide a lifeline. Our Jacksonville Social Security disability lawyer explains why obtaining these benefits can be so challenging and how to improve your odds of getting approved.

Hurdles People With Chronic Health Conditions Face In Obtaining Social Security Disability

According to the American Hospital Association, over 130 million people suffer from chronic health conditions-over half the population. Some of the most common include heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma or other respiratory diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

When your condition prevents you from working, Social Security disability benefits help offset lost income. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that less than one-third of all filed claims get approved. Common hurdles you may face include:

Earning the required work credits: Work credits are awarded a maximum of four times per year. You must have at least 40 credits, ten of which were earned in the past ten years.
Having an approved condition: Your condition must fall under the SSA’s Listing Of Impairments.
Have medical evidence documenting your condition: This is the most common reason for denials. You need to thoroughly document your condition, as well as the impact it has on your life.
Be unable to work for a year or longer: You must have a doctor certify that your condition prevents you from working and is likely to last a year or more.
Comply with all SSA requests: This includes answering lengthy questionnaires, responding to all communications, providing additional evidence as required, and submitting to a physical from one of their medical providers.

Getting A Disability Claim For Chronic Conditions Approved

Considering the complex requirements for obtaining Social Security disability benefits and the large number of claims that get denied, it is important to get legal support throughout the process.

Our Florida long-term disability lawyer has extensive experience in dealing with the SSA. We can assist you in submitting your claim, providing the required documentation, and getting your benefits approved in the quickest amount of time possible. If you have already been denied disability, we can guide you in filing an appeal. Tips we recommend clients follow include:

Request copies of all your medical records, including visit notes, test results, and treatment outcomes.
Make sure your file contains a firm medical diagnosis and a complete list of symptoms.
Document any time off and keep copies showing lost wages you suffered.
Keep a journal detailing how your condition impacts your activities of daily living and your ability to enjoy your former hobbies and activities.

Contact Our Florida Social Security Disability Lawyer Today

Obtaining Social Security disability benefits when you have a chronic health condition is difficult. Get the legal guidance you need to avoid a denial and reach out to Farrell Disability Law. Call or contact our Florida Social Security disability lawyer online and request a consultation in our Orlando or Jacksonville office today.


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