Five Health-Related Issues That Could Impact Florida Long-Term Disability Claims

Long-term disability insurance protects you in the event you are unable to work. It provides payment for lost income, allowing you to continue providing for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, while you may be entitled to disability benefits, many claims are denied or disputed. Our Jacksonville long-term disability lawyer details five health-related issues that could impact your rights.

Medical Issues Impacting Your Eligibility For Long-Term Disability Benefits in Florida

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to five million people in Florida suffer from some type of disability. When this prevents you from working, you may be entitled to benefits through employer-provided long-term disability insurance policies.

Unfortunately, despite the high cost of premiums, insurers are notorious for denying and disputing disability claims. In addition to disputes over coverage and the length of time the policy has been in effect, the most common issues impacting eligibility concern the circumstances surrounding medical conditions. According to a recent Policy Genius report, the following are five of the most commonly cited problems:

You have a pre-existing condition: Common pre-existing conditions include asthma, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders.
You have an undiagnosed medical condition: Some potentially debilitating conditions can take years to thoroughly diagnose.
You have not undergone recommended testing or treatment: Failure to follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding medical treatment or testing could result in denied claims.
You have pending procedures: If you have an upcoming surgery or other medical procedure, the insurer is likely to delay approval of long-term disability benefits until it is completed and you have time to recover.
You have other health concerns that aggravate your condition: Unfortunately, smoking, overindulging in alcohol, eating disorders, and being under or overweight could impact eligibility for disability payments.

Protecting Your Rights To Florida Disability Benefits

Long-term disability benefits in Florida can provide the lifeline you and your family need if you are unable to work. While getting a denial can be devastating, be aware of your rights in filing an appeal. If long-term disability insurance is provided by your employer, complex federal laws apply.

Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), you have the right to dispute decisions made by the insurer concerning your benefits. You also have a right to copies of all policy-related documents, free of charge and at your request. To protect yourself and get the benefits you need and are entitled to, take these steps:

Review terms of coverage carefully, paying close attention to covered conditions and exclusions;
Keep copies of all correspondence received from the insurer;
Gather all medical records, including those you may have missed when first applying for benefits;
Keep a journal detailing all the impacts your condition has on your life.

Contact Our Florida Long-Term Disability Lawyer

If you have been denied benefits, reach out to Farrell Disability Law. We provide the trusted legal guidance you need in filing an appeal. Call or contact our Florida long-term disability lawyer online and request a consultation in our Orlando or Jacksonville office today.


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