Alumnus Evans Exaud’s Organization Won Best Video at Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival in New York – Students For Liberty

In a remarkable achievement last year, Liberty Sparks, a non-political think tank dedicated to advancing understanding of economic, social, and political liberty, gained significant recognition. Evans Exaud, the Executive Director at Liberty Sparks and an alumnus of Students For Liberty, led the organization’s efforts, resulting in being shortlisted among the top three think tanks globally for the prestigious Smart Bet Program in New York, courtesy of the Atlas Network.

The pinnacle of their success came with the Best Video of the Year award at the Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival. Evans Exaud, representing Liberty Sparks, presented a video that won this prestigious accolade.

The award-winning video, titled “The Winners,” tells the inspiring story of nearly two dozen women entrepreneurs determined to lift their families out of poverty. The documentary illuminates their resilient journey through Tanzania’s complex, expensive, and restrictive licensing system as they strive to establish successful businesses. The narrative highlights the policy reforms advocated by Liberty Sparks to the Tanzanian government.

The Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival provides a platform for showcasing the intersection of film and liberty, and Liberty Sparks emerged victorious in this esteemed arena. The video not only captivated the audience with its visual storytelling but also conveyed a powerful message about the significance of cross-border collaboration for economic advancement.

Evans Exaud, as a leader and advocate, exemplifies the impactful contributions individuals can make in promoting economic, social, and political liberty. The recognition received by Liberty Sparks at the film festival underscores the transformative power of ideas in driving positive societal change.

Students For Liberty takes immense pride in witnessing its members and alumni excel and make significant strides in their respective fields. The success of Liberty Sparks serves as an inspiration for individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting liberty and fostering meaningful change. The Best Video award not only acknowledges past achievements but also serves as a catalyst for continued dedication to the values of liberty, individual empowerment, and economic progress.

During his time with Students For Liberty, Evans served as the National Coordinator for African Students for Liberty in Tanzania.

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