Chronic Health Conditions Caused By Long Covid Could Entitle You To Long-Term Disability Benefits In Florida

While lockdowns and mask mandates may no longer be in effect, COVID-19 continues to make news. Amidst recent variants, surges in case counts, and controversy over vaccines, researchers are making progress in uncovering more about long Covid.

Unfortunately, long Covid can have major impacts on body organs and symptoms, making it impossible to work. Our Orlando long-term disability lawyer explains more about complications that can arise and your rights in seeking long-term disability benefits for long Covid in Florida.

New Information About Long Covid and How It Impacts Victims

While Florida has been making national headlines due to high COVID-19 case counts and controversy over vaccines, recently released reports from scientists provide new information concerning long Covid and how it affects sufferers.

In September of 2023, the Mayo Clinic published the results of several major studies that shed light on the condition and the long-term impacts it can cause:

An estimated 20 percent of people under the age of 65 and 25 percent of older adults currently suffer long Covid.
Those most likely to be affected are people who either had more severe symptoms during an initial COVID-19 infection or required up to a month to recover and resume normal activities.
Ongoing symptoms, such as loss of smell, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, and general fatigue, could prevent sufferers from working for up to a year or longer after infection.
Long Covid was capable of causing serious harm to the heart, lungs, brain, and other body organs or systems, resulting in permanent impairments.

Long-Term Disability Benefits For Long Covid

As more people come into contact with the Covid-19 virus, it is important to be aware of the risks concerning long Covid. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) classifies it as a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act and other federal laws. In addition to symptoms that may last for months after an infection, long Covid can also result in chronic conditions that jeopardize your health and ability to work. These include:

Heart disease;
Kidney problems;
Asthma and other respiratory system disorders;
Neurological problems;
Problems with the circulatory system;
Mental health issues, such as chronic depression or anxiety.

Long Covid is recognized as a disability by the Social Security Administration and can entitle you to benefits, but employer-provided long-term disability policies are likely to have stricter guidelines. If you suffer long Covid, make sure medical providers document your condition, the complications it causes, and how it impacts your ability to work or engage in other activities.

Contact Our Florida Long-Term Disability Lawyer

If you are among the many people who are unable to work due to long Covid, reach out to Farrell Disability Law. We act as a strong ally on your side, helping you get the disability benefits you are entitled to. Give us a call or contact our Florida long-term disability lawyer online and request a consultation in our Orlando or Jacksonville office today.


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