CARB awards $10 million in grants to community-based organizations and California Native American Tribes

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced the award of $10 million to 42 local non-profit organizations and California Native American Tribes for projects that focus on air pollution reduction efforts across the state.

The Community Air Grant program funds local organizations and California Native American tribes to launch community-driven projects that engage residents and supports grassroots ideas aimed at tackling air pollution issues. This year, the grant program is funding a new kind of project called a Local Community Emissions Reduction Plan (L-CERP), which encourages community collaboration with local air districts and other government agencies that can help implement proposed air improvement actions prioritized by residents. Eight organizations were awarded funds to launch this new effort. 

Community Air Grants are an essential component of CARB’s implementation of AB 617, which requires that air pollution reduction efforts target disadvantaged communities. Since the program was launched in 2018, $35 million has been awarded to 69 local organizations and eight California Native American Tribes. This year, 18 of the projects receiving grants will serve communities that have been consistently nominated for the Community Air Protection program. The Consistently Nominated AB 617 Communities List is built from air district and community-based organization (CBO) recommendations and community-nominations since 2018.

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