Class Action Brings Justice For Students With Disabilities Unnecessarily Held in Restraints and Seclusion — Impact Fund

I knew the journey would be hard, but I still underestimated the impact it would truly have on me; emotionally and mentally. It was harder and harder to listen as I was informed about more and more incidents of abuse inflicted on my daughter, my son and several of their friends. I found it hard to trust any of the staff at the school, becauseeven the staff that weren’t involved, still didn’t advocate for the children and put the abuse to a stop the way I felt they should have. It was hard to hear representatives of the school downplay and deny the abuse that kept my daughter up at night. I carried on as best I could knowing that my resistance would at least serve as a constant reminder that change was coming and that they were being watched. I needed my children to see me fight for them, the same way that I hope someday they can fight for what they deserve for themselves; despite the challenges.

The day the case was settled, I felt a sense of relief. Relief that I was able to hold fast to the promise I made to my children, relieved that I was offered a crucial role in setting the terms that would in turn, become the groundwork for a proper standard of care. I was happy to have created terms that would not only protect my children, but all of their friends and any students enrolling after them.

I am looking forward to seeing my children through the rest of their academic career and all of the events and social gatherings that make the experience so great. I look forward to seeing my children flourish in an environment that encourages social interaction and independence. Furthermore, this experience has helped me totruly appreciate the work of great attorneys and journalists that are passionate about finding justice in dark places. Lastly, my resolve to open a school of my own has been strengthened and will surely be infused with all that I have learned over the last several years, so that I can purposefully create a program that highlights the ideals myself and my team of attorneys sought out in this case.

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