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Information on the bases of why many do not feel free in America as a Black African.

* Historical Legacy of Slavery:

Harvard & The Legacy Of Slavery
2023 President and Fellows of Harvard College

* Systemic Racism:

Black Women Face Systemic Racism In Health Care Across Americas: UN
By AFP Agence France Presse July 12, 2023
How Systemic Racism Affects Black Women’s Health
By: Kelly Glass

* Intersectionality:

Intersectionality and the Oppression of African American Women

The Intersections of a Black Woman
By Kyra Bellamy a program Intern at the Unitarian Universalist August 11, 2020
Unitarian Universalist Association 24 Farnsworth Street Boston, MA 02210

* Gender Inequality:

Black Women and The Struggle for Equality

* Microaggressions and stereotypes:
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