Belinda Greb, USA – The Power of Stories Podcast

Belinda Greb is an accomplished nature and wildlife photographer who has been influenced by her sense of belonging in, and connecting with, nature.

In this episode, Belinda discusses:

growing up in a rural setting and finding solitude and peace in nature

her interest in photography and beginning her work as a professional photographer with landscape photography and transitioning to more of a focus on wildlife, photographing animals in their natural habitat, trying to capture their essence and translate that to others

the consciousness of animals

the increasing impact of climate change on wildlife and people

losing her home in the Oregon forest fires of 2020, and how that experience gave her even more compassion towards other people in other areas who are being affected by climate change or anything else that causes them to lose their home or their country


the beauty of nature as a pillar of strength

the importance of believing in ourselves, following our intuition, living life to the fullest, and not getting hung up on what other people think

Learn more about Belinda Greb here.

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