Nako Takes The Reins — Impact Fund

When I started working at the Impact Fund in 2015, I was in transition in my own life. I had a 10-month-old baby and wasn’t sure if the legal profession was still for me. In truth, it wasn’t. As originally conceived, this profession was not intended for a first-generation lawyer, woman of color, new mother, building a family while tamping out a path toward a fulfilling livelihood and a more just future. But again, Jocelyn Larkin and the Impact Fund community were there. With the mentorship of Jocelyn and others, I found a sustainable model of advocacy and training, secure in the knowledge that the hours I worked were helping others while also making me a better lawyer.

After eight years of leading the Impact Fund’s litigation and training programs, I am honored and humbled to succeed Jocelyn as its Executive Director. I look forward to this new challenge and to working more closely with all of our grantees, staff, and supporters. I can’t wait to keep growing the Impact Fund community, welcoming new class and impact litigators, and finding new ways to support each other in the work of bringing unheard voices into courtrooms across the country.

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